Juneathon 2017, Day 10 – The Bare Minimum

Sometimes it has to be done. Or not done.
On Day 10 it was not done.
I did the bare minimum amount of exercise, reaching my daily step goal of 3,000 steps by piddling around the house.

I have 2 excuses:
1. My legs were still painful from 2 days ago and I don’t want to push things too much.
2. I had a date. My first date in over a decade. Exercising didn’t come top of my list of priorities.

I went on the date. He turned up 25 minutes early and stood leaning on the bar. At one point he nonchalantly said hello. I would have been more enthusiastic in my reply had I known that it was actually my date. I’m pretty certain that a lone female sitting at a bar with long brown hair is recognisable as the person in one of the 6 profile pictures that I’ve got. Unfortunately he bore no resemblance to the one head shot on his profile. Yes, he was bald, but there was no goatee and the glasses were a completely different shape.
As far as I knew he could have been just a random bloke leaning on the bar next to me due to a dodgy hip and was saying hello for politeness’ sake.
What on earth do you do in such situations?! You can hardly say “Erm, are you my date?”. That sounds as if you haven’t taken a blind bit of notice of the person whilst nattering online. But neither could I start conversing with animation just in case this chap was a nice fellow who just happened to get caught in an unwanted conversation with me. And what would happen if I just happened to be in a full natter with some man I’d never met before when my actual date walked in?
“The Guinness is good here isn’t it?”
I’m pretty pleased with that sentence. A good opener with a neutral tone. Neither: “Flipping heck will you just say if you’re my date already!” or “Go away before my date turns up”. And it was good because he was actually drinking Guinness.
A few more belters of sentences like that and by halfway down his second pint I was pretty certain that he was in fact my date.

It all went pretty much downhill from there.

But I have at least been on a date recently. So my descent into true spinsterhood has been abated for a while. 😀

The Bare Minimum: A Pub crawl
Steps Taken: 7,400
Difficulty Level: Hard (but that’s got nothing to do with exercising)


One thought on “Juneathon 2017, Day 10 – The Bare Minimum

  1. I think that sounded like a pretty good opener…

    better than “are you my date because you look nothing like your picture” or something completely unsubtle like that which is probably what I would have managed!


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