Juneathon 2017, Day 11 – Sea Swimming


Nearly at the beach

After last night’s disastrous date I needed to clear my head. And what better way to do that than splashing about in the sea for a while?

I took myself down to the beach and for roughly half an hour enjoyed a session of jumping up and over the crests of some impressive waves. It was quite windy today so the sea was choppy. There was no way that actual swimming could be accomplished safely. But leaping about in the water was great fun.

I’ve just returned home, had a lovely shower with some expensive soap and am tired, but happy.


Swansea from the beach


Time to head home

Sea Swimming Day: 5 minute stretch, walk to beach and back, half an hour “swim”.
Steps Taken: 9,630
Difficulty Level: Easy


6 thoughts on “Juneathon 2017, Day 11 – Sea Swimming

  1. blimey! in the sea in wales O_O

    mind you, I have done that, at Three Cliffs (?) near Swansea when I mistakenly thought that swimming in my clothes without my underwear on was better than the other way around… there was logic involved in this decision…honest!

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    1. Ha ha!
      3 Cliffs is a gorgeous place to make such a mistake (even if there was logic involved). I’ve been swimming there myself.

      I’m the sort of person who’ll jump into a Scottish loch in January, so June on the Welsh coast is nothing. It was actually really warm because the tide was coming in over the warm sun-kissed sand.

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      1. That does sounds awesome… I think even I might manage that..

        Scottish lochs in January though…lovely to look at but you wouldn’t catch me touching one (haha)


  2. Thats more like you. I’ve watched you leaping the waves since you were a couple of weeks old. They probably call it aqua aerobics nowadays. I just call it FUN!

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  3. It looks cold doesn’t it? But I got in without any problem at all. I think it was warm because the tide was making its way in over the sand that had been soaking up the sun’s rays all day. And the breeze was a warm one too.


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