Juneathon 2017, Day 12 – Bleugh!

I tried to do some Yoga today as I felt that giving my legs a rest would be a good idea. Unfortunately I’ve had to give up after 20 minutes because I feel too ill to continue. I’ve just checked my heart rate and it’s really low.  My normal resting heart rate is in the mid 80s, but after rolling about on the floor for the last 20 minutes it’s only 62 beats per minute. I’ll write the rest of this blog tomorrow when I stop feeling sick. I’ve got to go to bed and lie down.

I tried to do some exercise, but I failed.  That’s okay.
I think I may have accidentally caused my heart to trip into bradycardia after getting stuck up a ladder in my back garden whilst trying to attach a washing line.


Scaling dizzying heights

I’ve never been great with heights, or ladders, but since my muscles started deteriorating a few years ago my legs haven’t been very strong. They haven’t been too reliable either. I’ve fallen over too many times to mention because my legs just collapsed from underneath me. That doesn’t sound too bad, but it happened everywhere: I crashed into a glass cabinet in a tourist shop, nearly knocked myself unconscious falling down my garden steps, collapsed trying to cross the road several times…

In my earlier years I’ve climbed up a fair few ladders, on to roofs, etc. But although my legs (and body) is slowly getting better and I thought I’d be up to the job of scaling this ladder; I wasn’t really.
I did a “test run” up the first couple of rungs and found that I was able to get back down again relatively easily. Unfortunately I didn’t factor in my fear of heights and my now overwhelming fear of falling.
At the 4th rung I became very, very stuck.
Having ensured that the washing line was attached I wobbled about trying to get down. I just could not manage to lower my body far enough to get to the rung below. And so I slipped into a full blown, chest heaving panic attack.
Thankfully I had my ipod with me and a wifi signal so I phoned The Old Trout for some help. She did ask what the blinking heck I thought she could do for me stuck up a ladder in Swansea when she was 300 miles away in Yorkshire. For once she had a fair point. But there was logic in my actions: an ipod isn’t a phone. I couldn’t call anyone for help. And what was I going to say? “Help! I’m stuck on a ladder 1.5m off the ground.”. I don’t think so! No. I just wanted to know that if I fell off she’d be able to then phone an ambulance if I needed one.

It took a lot of effort, and quite a lot of time, but eventually I was back on the ground safely. Partially thanks to herself wittering at me from where I’d placed her in my bra for safe-keeping: “Are you down yet?!”
“No. I haven’t moved yet.”
“There was a lot of noise. I thought you’d fallen or something.”
“I haven’t moved!”
“What was that? You’re very muffled. I can hardly hear you.”
“Are you down now?”
“No mum. I am not down. I’m stuck. My breasts are stuck.”
“Okay. That’s good. Anytime now…”
“Mum. I’m stuck”
“I know.”

But, like I said: I got down eventually.

Unfortunately I think the stress of it all knocked my heart out of whack because an hour later I started to feel faint, breathless and very nauseous. I think that the Tesco’s delivery man probably thought I was blind drunk when he dropped off my shopping a little later on, because I really was having trouble standing and using the walls in the hall to balance as I carried food through to the kitchen.

What possessed me to even attempt any yoga I’m a bit confused about. I think it was the brain fog that invariable comes with the bradycardia that did it. And that I was trying to complete an exercise for Juneathon.


Proof that I’m not a total failure when it comes to ladders/heights

But I’m determined to end on a good note:


Garmin Connect step challenge and badge details

I won last week’s steps challenge.

I’ve been using a Garmin Vivofit2 to count my daily steps since November 2015. I really like the device. I also like Garmin’s tracking app/program that you sync the device to. It has a lot of features, one of which is a weekly step challenge in which you’re automatically entered into a competition with up to 20 random people at a level of steps that the app choses. Up until the past few weeks I’ve generally been in a 25,000 – 35,000 weekly step competition. Last week I smashed it. I got entered into a 50,000 step challenge and then actually won it. 😀

Bleugh Day!: Whoops!
Steps Taken: 3,495
Difficulty Level: Hard


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