Juneathon 2017, Day 14 – Walk into town and back


Castle Square, Swansea

I had my first house inspection today for my new house. It always freaks me out. I spend far too much time trying to make the place tidy, just for them to spend two seconds taking a look around. I was mentally exhausted by the time the woman had come and gone, so I flopped back into bed.

4 hours later I awoke to find myself in a puddle of drool. Not the best way to wake up. But I had at least had a very deep sleep and was ready for a bit of exercise.
First came some bed stretches. Today I waved my arms about to Kayne West’s “Stronger.” before I limped quickly to the toilet. I’d allowed for roughly 3 minutes of body movement before getting up, not 5 minutes. A small difference, but a large error if you’ve just emerged from a deep sleep.

And then I went out for a walk. Making my way tonight along beside all of the people heading out for a night out. First heading towards the City Centre and then back again.
At one point I passed the city centre gym which being a 24hr affair might be something that I could take advantage of, especially in the winter months when I won’t necessarily want to be wandering around in driving rain at midnight. I used to enjoy going to the gym when I was less ill.
As I walked along I tried working out if it would be possible. I know that particular gym isn’t too expensive. I can certainly get to it, and as I’ve already said as a 24hr gym it would be great for my night owl tendencies. I’ve been researching where I can buy breathable, athletic fabrics from recently and I’m pretty certain that I could whip up a sports top, shorts and bra that wouldn’t look out of place. I was getting quite excited. And then I thought: footwear.


resting a while

I’d have to find some form of shoes to fit my feet 😦

I have very wide feet. I actually have large bones. Yes, I know that this is a “thing” that is flung about in order to explain away or make excuses for someone who is overweight. I’m doing no such thing. I’ve mentioned in other posts how heavy I am and the fact that I’m morbidly obese. But that doesn’t negate the fact that I have large bones, which make my feet wide no matter how much I weigh. Add the fact that they’re now also puffy from excess weight and, well, buying shoes that don’t explode is nigh on impossible.

You can tell if you’ve got large or small bones by measuring the circumference of your wrist. This is the one place on the body that generally doesn’t have any fat.


I’m 5’4″ and have a wrist circumference of 7.25″
I am far from being petite.

Right, back to the topic of exploding shoes: Getting anything wide enough for my feet is nigh on impossible. Which is why I live in sandals for as long as I can throughout the year.
Yes, you can buy extra wide shoes. But have you ever looked at them?! I’ve tried to buy some, really I have. But I admit it: I’m a footwear snob. I want footwear with Vibram type soles that have good grip. I want footbeds that hug my feet and offer support. I want to wear walking boots or approach shoes when doing the activities that warrant using them. When at the gym I want to be able to wear appropriate trainers that are built for people who are trying to exercise. But I can’t find anything!
If you think I’m overreacting, try searching for a woman’s size 39-40 (UK size 6) trainer in at least a 4EE width, (avoiding baby blue or light pink if at all possible). See if it is actually available in Britain and in stock. And then, when you have found one, take a good look at it and answer honestly if you’d be seen dead wearing it. If so, then well done, you are not a shoe snob.

But, having said all of that, if the trainers were only for the gym and I hid them in my bag so that regular people didn’t see me walking about in them… perhaps that would be okay. Perhaps this Cinderella could go to the Gym after all 😀

Walk into town and back day: Bed stretch, Walk into town and back
Steps Taken: 11,227
Difficulty level: intermediate


3 thoughts on “Juneathon 2017, Day 14 – Walk into town and back

  1. I wish my gym was 24 hr… then I wouldn’t have to go at 7am!

    I have a similar (although different and. It quite as difficult) shoe issue with sports shoes…I have tall feet which are flat…seriously they look like triangles… and I over probate which means I need motion control trainers with big wedge slabs in the sole. While everyone else has choices of colour and fit and make I have whatever the shop can get to deal with my stupid feet!
    I looked for 4ee trainers and the only one that I’d come close to wearing are these:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You don’t need to go to a gym.

      But yes, a 24hr gym. If I go it’ll probably the most cosmopolitan thing I’ve ever done. And the reviews say that it’s “not for serious weight lifters” and that some “strange people” go there, so I think I’m sorted 😀


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