Juneathon 2017, Day 20 – Estuary Swimming


I’m not getting into that thing!

Last night my calves were really throbbing and I’d decided that today would have to be a non-walking day in order to give them time to recuperate. Compared with most people I haven’t been exercising that much, but it’s been a massive step up from what I’ve been able to do. In the last three or four months my daily step count has more than doubled. And my calves are beginning to tell me to slow down a bit.

I’d hit upon the idea of a weights session. There’s a pair of dumbbells hiding in one of the rooms somewhere that would be great for that. I’d just got to find them… and then a friend messaged me to ask if I fancied heading to Pembrokeshire to do a bit of swimming and sunbathing. Oh yes! A much better plan.


The pontoon

You can’t beat Pembrokeshire for its scenery. There’s such a variety of stunning coastal regions, secluded woodland and it even has its own little patch of rugged moorland. The weather isn’t too bad either.

And so it was that today I found myself swimming merrily in the Cleddau estuary. It was so warm it was quite unbelieveable. I’ve never swum in such warm water in this country. In fact, at one point I was purposefully swimming in a shaded patch in order to find slightly cooler water.


Enter a caption


I think that I probably spent over an hour in total swimming backwards and forwards.

My swimming stroke on these occasions (and on all occasions) is the one you see old women doing in the pool: breaststroke arms with front crawl legs. I’ve never been able to do true breaststroke, which to my mind is the only way you should be swimming in a place like this otherwise you miss out on the sheer beauty of it all. My legs and arms refuse to work in sync. I’m generally a very uncoordinated person. But my swimming style “works”. I seem to head in my intended direction at a reasonable pace. So I’ve never seen the need to try to improve upon it.


Me, swimming

I don’t normally swim in a thermal top. But I knew how long I’d spend in the water, and I thought that this was the best thing I had that would stop my back and shoulders from getting burnt today. It worked.


My sandal!

The only downside of the day was that my sandal broke.

The good part of this is that I was thinking about buying some new sandals anyway. A bit of waterproof glue should shore this one up for occasional use and now I have the excuse to do a bit of shopping.

All in all, a fantastic day. I’ve given my arms a good workout and my calves a bit of a rest. Oh, and I’ve topped up my tan without getting burnt. 😀

Estuary Swimming Day: Swimming.
Steps Taken: 13,015 (It felt more like 6,000-7,000. Unfortunately my swimming strokes were getting counted as steps today.)
Difficulty Level: Easy


9 thoughts on “Juneathon 2017, Day 20 – Estuary Swimming

  1. That looks awesome!! I love swimming…but i don’t like being wet at swimming pools and getting changed and stuff so outdoor swimming in the heat sounds ideal!!

    and swimming strokes that count as steps totally count in my opinion! they are movement which propels you along after all 😀

    oh and i can completely sympathise about calf pain…mine are complaining greatly because I forced them to walk down a mountain (apparently up is fine but down hurts calves!)


  2. Huh, grunt, mumble, mumble. Not fair. I wanted to go. Just because I live 300 miles away…hrumph…grunt…mumble…mumble


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