Juneathon 2017, Day 26 – An Accidental walk


The bat

The Old Trout asked me to make her a bat.
It may be nearly a month late, but I have made it.

The bat is part of a geocache that’s she’s making up in Yorkshire. I’ve already made a few bats before for a cache that my sister and I maintain down in South Wales. I’m getting good at making bats. Or at least I was, until the Ebay supplier of MDF bat shapes stopped selling them. This bat is the first I’ve made with Fimo ( a plastic clay that bakes in a normal oven).  But I think it’s turned out well enough, so off to England it is going.

And here is where the “accidental” walk comes in. I set off to the Post Office with my bat filled parcel in hand, expecting to only be out 5 minutes. Instead, when I reached the counter there was a large scrappy cardboard sign saying “Post Office Closed”. Apparently the Post Office would be closed for the next 15 minutes because the Post Mistress was having a cigarette break.

Well, that was all fine and dandy, but what was I to do? There I was, with my “outside clothes” on. You know, the ones that are good enough to head to your local Post Office a couple of streets away, but not ones you’d head to town in. Did I want to walk back home, sit down in my outdoor clothes and then return? I certainly couldn’t stand around waiting for 15 minutes (No, I’m not entirely certain why not either) and I couldn’t walk to the main Post Office in the city center because of said clothes. Instead I thought I’d walk to the beach and back.


The tide was out

I arrived at the beach, realising that in order to do that I had to cross Swansea’s main thoroughfare. The one that was at a standstill with everyone staring out of their cars, utterly bored. And there’s me, in my less than great outside clothes.
Good job I don’t really care. It was something that crossed my mind, but briefly,  I rather like wandering about in my crocodile crop top, “Pow” tunic top and purple shorts, so at least it gave them a erm… shall we say “visual spectacle” to ease the monotony.


Trying to get a more unusual photo

It was really hot today. And just a little stifling. Which is why, when I’d reached the beach and spotted the nearby cafe my priorities changed completely and I went in search of an ice-cream.



Look at that: heaven on a stick!

And then it was time to wander back to post my bat. But to ensure I didn’t get too boring on this rather accidentally, chaotic day (Oh, if only all chaos was as pleasant) I returned a different way, via Victoria Park. The flowers look stunning at the moment. It’s amazing how many different varieties are packed into such a relatively small space.

I posted the bat. And I had hoped to do a little bit of extra exercise today to compliment the walk, but time has run away with me. So, that’s all for today.

An Accidental walk day: Walk to the 360 center and back
Steps Taken: 5,458
Difficulty Level: Easy


7 thoughts on “Juneathon 2017, Day 26 – An Accidental walk

  1. I love that sort of decision making…your logic is similar to mine…standing around for 15 minutes would be dull but spending more time walkign around is much better 😀

    I had an outdoor clothes moment on the way back from Snowdonia at the weekend…I had been wearing clothes suitable for climbing mountains all week and it felt perfectly normal until we stopped in Oswestry on the way home to find lunch (I don’t recommend this on a sunday…just in case you were considering it) I suddenly noticed that acceptable clothing for Llanberris was not the same as normal walking around the town clothing… we got some funny looks… but then with pink hair, tattoos and a penchent for crazy leggings…I get those anyway 😀

    also…your bat is blooming awesome!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha ha!
      Yes, I’ve had many such looks over the years because of my walking gear. I have as yet to get the snazzy leggings, tattoos and pink hair. But give me time and I might try one of them out too.
      Thanks for the compliment about the bat.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome! Sounds like a plan to me 😁
        I can highly recommend Grrrl Clothing 🙂 their leggings are absolutely awesome and the make sizes for everyone (I am not on commission) 😁

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Some lovely photos. It often amazes me that those views are on a city’s doorstep.
    Oh, well done for another walk. When we go on holiday, I’ll drive, you walk !

    Liked by 1 person

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