A need for speed? – Janathon 2021, Day 5

Thanks to a fellow Janathoner and friendly Warrior Goddess (any woman who pulls a truck for fun has to be entitled to that appelation.) I now know that Madfit‘s real name is Maddie Lymburner. She actually has a secondary YouTube channel under that name. One where she focuses less on exercise routines and more on healthy eating and her lifestyle in general. I can see now where she got the name Madfit from. Yesterday I mentioned that I felt a little uneasy about the ‘Mad’ part. But it now just seems to me like a quirky take on her real name, which I’m fine with.

(Oh, and if you haven’t checked out my friend’s blog, you really must. Not only does she pull trucks, she also often has the most vibrant hair on the planet, an entire clutter of cats, and a penchant for axes.)

As for today: I was pooped. Exercising got me even more pooped. I am nearly a squidgy blob on the floor, the fatigue is that great.

I thought I was tired when I started. But today the 10 minute upper body dumbbell routine was really difficult. I didn’t even take any notice of what Madfit was wearing. Despite using the same weights as yesterday, my body was feeling like it was getting a pounding. I nearly cried off the Ariana Grande song medley workout. But I am determined to get a bit more coordinated. Perhaps for the first time in my life I could learn an entire dance routine? (well, the part for my upper body, because due to physical constraints I’m attempting the workouts from a seated position) I think I worked out a bit more of what she was doing today; but some of her movements are so fast. I don’t think my body is capable of working at those speeds. I tend to be the tortoise as opposed to the hare in most situations. So, I think I grasped more of what I was supposed to be doing. But my arms weren’t doing what I wanted them to at all.
But, I got through it all and accomplished 20+ minutes of exercise.

Hand of cards

Tonight’s game with the sprat was “Go Fish“. After we finished our session, we managed to find my card game book. So perhaps the Sprat and I can learn some new card games.

Cairn Terrier perched on arm of wooden chair

Dog-dog was his usual ridiculous self. He decided that he would spend a couple of rounds of cards perched uncomfortably on the arm of my chair. I wonder if he needed a little extra love and reassurance from me today. The oldest Sprat had taken him for a 4 mile walk along the cold, Welsh Swansea streets. Perhaps this was this way of him saying that he didn’t want that to happen again, that he was staying close to me in future.
Or, perhaps Dog-dog is a plonker!

And, one final thing: I’ve started a new hobby. I’ve started “English paper piecing”. I received the glue pen for it through the post today. It’s a way to use up your fabric scraps and make them into patchwork items. Traditionally you’d cut out hexagons (or any other tessellating shapes) from paper, and then stitch a slightly larger fabric hexagon on to that paper. You’d carry on until you had enough of these sturdy little shapes to make a project like a quilt and then hand sew them all carefully together. It’s perfect for me because it’s a project you can do on the go, or take out to the garden for a few minutes. You’d traditionally stitch the fabric to the paper, but now many people use glue to keep the two together. I also took advantage of Etsy and bought 500 paper 1″ hexagons pre-cut, as opposed to making them as I went along. Even with those time saving measures, this project is still going to take forever.
But, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m not built for fast paced action. This is far more my speed.

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