Juneathon 2017, Day 26 – An Accidental walk


The bat

The Old Trout asked me to make her a bat.
It may be nearly a month late, but I have made it.

The bat is part of a geocache that’s she’s making up in Yorkshire. I’ve already made a few bats before for a cache that my sister and I maintain down in South Wales. I’m getting good at making bats. Or at least I was, until the Ebay supplier of MDF bat shapes stopped selling them. This bat is the first I’ve made with Fimo ( a plastic clay that bakes in a normal oven).  But I think it’s turned out well enough, so off to England it is going.

And here is where the “accidental” walk comes in. I set off to the Post Office with my bat filled parcel in hand, expecting to only be out 5 minutes. Instead, when I reached the counter there was a large scrappy cardboard sign saying “Post Office Closed”. Apparently the Post Office would be closed for the next 15 minutes because the Post Mistress was having a cigarette break.

Well, that was all fine and dandy, but what was I to do? There I was, with my “outside clothes” on. You know, the ones that are good enough to head to your local Post Office a couple of streets away, but not ones you’d head to town in. Did I want to walk back home, sit down in my outdoor clothes and then return? I certainly couldn’t stand around waiting for 15 minutes (No, I’m not entirely certain why not either) and I couldn’t walk to the main Post Office in the city center because of said clothes. Instead I thought I’d walk to the beach and back.


The tide was out

I arrived at the beach, realising that in order to do that I had to cross Swansea’s main thoroughfare. The one that was at a standstill with everyone staring out of their cars, utterly bored. And there’s me, in my less than great outside clothes.
Good job I don’t really care. It was something that crossed my mind, but briefly,  I rather like wandering about in my crocodile crop top, “Pow” tunic top and purple shorts, so at least it gave them a erm… shall we say “visual spectacle” to ease the monotony.


Trying to get a more unusual photo

It was really hot today. And just a little stifling. Which is why, when I’d reached the beach and spotted the nearby cafe my priorities changed completely and I went in search of an ice-cream.



Look at that: heaven on a stick!

And then it was time to wander back to post my bat. But to ensure I didn’t get too boring on this rather accidentally, chaotic day (Oh, if only all chaos was as pleasant) I returned a different way, via Victoria Park. The flowers look stunning at the moment. It’s amazing how many different varieties are packed into such a relatively small space.

I posted the bat. And I had hoped to do a little bit of extra exercise today to compliment the walk, but time has run away with me. So, that’s all for today.

An Accidental walk day: Walk to the 360 center and back
Steps Taken: 5,458
Difficulty Level: Easy

Juneathon 2017, Day 25 – Nipping out for a nano

Today I thought that I could try to find my nearest unfound Geocache in order to add some steps to the day. It’s less than 1km as the crow flies from my house. And it’s a “Church Micro“. This is a series of caches in Britain all set up near churches. They’re generally tiny little containers that are micro in size. Loads of different cache owners across the country maintain their own church micros. This particular cache was the 5,895th church micro to be published, back in 2014. As with all things geocaching related, there are loads of statistics related to Church Micros, which I’m trying desperately not to bore you with right now. I have now found 73 Church Micros, which is a lot less than the person currently topping the ranking at 5,839 finds.


Pantygwydr church, Swansea

I found the cache relatively easily once I’d found the church. And I thought that I’d have a wander up and down the nearby roads to increase my step count and generally have a nosey around before heading back home.


Brynmill Park

At one point I spotted Brynmill Park in the distance and decided to head there for a short sit down.



When I arrived at my new home back in April I was greeted by a lot of plant pots with dead looking things sticking out of them. I’ve since found out that I am now the proud owner of a red and white fuschia. It’s nowhere near as lovely as this beauty. It’s currently only sporting 3 flowers. But you never know, I may manage to keep it alive and next year it might have 4 or 5.


My Geocaching “Finds” map

And last, but not least, here is a map showing all of my “smilies” in the Swansea area. Now that I can walk again I’m going to slowly try to turn all of those marks into smiley symbols. But perhaps I’ll leave that group to the north east for a while. Some ridiculous cacher went and put them on a massive hill that I’m still not capable of walking around!
*grumble, grumble*
Ach! It’s only annoying because that cacher is my sister. Yes, we’re all at it: the Old Trout shoves stuff out in hedges up in Yorkshire, my sister and her husband are seldom seen out of their “geocaching room” stocked full of plastic delights and half-painted camo containers, and I complete the triad by erm… what do I do exactly?… hmm… I write a lot of nonsense online.

Nipping out for a nano Day: Wander around the Uplands
Steps Taken: 8,129
Difficulty Level: Easy

Juneathon 2017, Day 24 – A Barbeque

Today I had one of the Sprats over and we had a barbeque. This was because I’d some sausages that desperately needed cooking and because I couldn’t face any activity more strenuous than chucking bits in a box and wandering outside to cook.

I awoke this morning to a little bit of a headache and legs which refused to work. It reminded me of how they were a few months ago. It took a full 5 minutes to get out of bed and to the bathroom. They didn’t hurt, there just wasn’t any power in them.

I can’t say that I’m surprised. I flipping danced last night. Only to one song. But I think I remember jumping up and down at one point. As this is something that has been impossible for the last 3 years it came as quite a shock. My poor knees didn’t know what hit them. Especially as after the jiggling about I also walked the mile home.

I would have done some weights today in lieu of walking, but the youngest sprat has been here, expecting my undivided attention. And as an Aunt I feel it is my duty to spoil my niece and nephew rotten whilst I can and give them valuable life lessons and words of wisdom in the process.

“Dinner tastes better when it’s cooked outside.”

“A little bit of rain won’t kill you.”

“Don’t hold the tongs like that, or you’ll drop the saus… oh.”

“Stop waving that flaming stick in my face, it’s hot.”

“Don’t puggle your nose with the tongs!”

“See what happens if you start jiggling whilst I’m stirring the pot?!”

All in all a very easy way of amusing   the sprat for 4 hours. The highlight was definitely the baked bananas we had for desert. I think she was most impressed. I may have gone up a notch in her estimation with those wonderful delights. I certainly went up a notch in my own estimation. They were amazing. Why have I never had them before?!

A barbeque day: 1 mile walk

Steps Taken: 7,356

Difficulty level: Easy

Juneathon 2017, Day 23 – New sandals


New Teva sandals

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I recently broke my sandals and have been waiting for a new pair to arrive. They were slung into my porch at 6pm by the Amazon delivery man.

What does “New shoes” on a Friday night say to you?
Dancing. That’s what it said to me.
And then I reminded myself that I can’t dance. So that was a non starter. Instead I thought I’d treat myself with a couple of pints and complete today’s Juneathon exercise by heading out on a very short pub crawl.

Don’t ever fool yourself into think that you will be able to stop at a couple of pints! I was okay, until I accidentally started talking to someone in the toilets about the positioning of the toilet roll holder.
Yes, it can start as innocently as that. One moment you’re sober and just helping a fellow pub goer find the location of the pub toilet paper, congratulating yourself on the amount of steps you’ve walked today for Juneathon. The next you’re downing shots with the person because it’s their birthday, in two days’ time. In two days’ time! And you’ve no idea what their name is. Oh, and you then actually find yourself dancing with them. Didn’t I say that I wasn’t going to dance?! Life is just plain weird.

But, as I was told when I started this month-athon exercise thingy-majiggy, if you blog about your exercising, as long as you haven’t been to sleep, it doesn’t matter if it’s actually turned midnight. So, I hereby declare, that although it’s 0426hrs and I’m inebriated, I both exercised on the 23rd June for Juneathon (a walk in my new sandals) and have now blogged about it. Although, if you don’t mind, I think I need some sleep because I’m a bit drunk (I blame the non-birthday woman).


Rainy Swansea


The lead singer needs a better conditioner

New sandals Day: Walk to City centre
Steps taken: 6,053
Difficulty level: Easy

Juneathon 2017, Day 22 – Marina Multi-Cache

Today the weather had cooled considerably and mentally I was feeling well so I decided to take my new toy out for a spin.


Etrex 20x

I got this in the post a couple of days ago. It’s a GPSr to replace one that got water damaged. Lots of geocachers use their phones to find caches nowadays; but I’ve always preferred being able to use a GPSr like this one because it’s rugged (I’m apt to fall over and drop things) and waterproof (you may have noticed, but I also have a tendency to “find” bodies of water and go swimming, intentionally or not). A couple of years ago I upgraded to one which could show maps, and as that’s a feature I really love, this one does too.

A new multi-cache was set in Swansea Marina a couple of days ago. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new gadget and get some Juneathon exercise into the bargain.
There are different types of caches. With a traditional cache you get given the coordinates of the container and you go and look for it at those coordinates. A multi-cache is more complicated because it has multiple stages. You start by going to the coordinates you’re given and then by various methods (depending on the cache) you get another set of coordinates to take you off somewhere else. Sometimes a multi can be quick to do, sometimes it can be a rather long-winded affair. When I started caching I happened upon a multi-cache that had 10 separate stages around a patch of woodland. I zig zagged in and out of those trees, up and down, for hours. I think I must have seen every one of the trees several times. I hate to say it, because it makes me sound so strange, but it was great fun. I felt as if the person who had set up the cache was really trying to make it difficult and that challenge was what spurred me on.


Me, having a well deserved ice-cream

This cache started at an information board beside Swansea Observatory. The Observatory has been disused for quite some time, but there seems to be renovation work going on. Perhaps a cafe?

I however, was more interested in the information board and my ice-cream that I’d bought on the walk to the Marina.
You’re informed that to get to the next stage of the multi-cache to look at the information board, take note of one of the telephone numbers and then plug the number into a code given on the cache page. Having done that I went off in search of the next stage.


A golden Postbox

And look what I tripped over on the way!
A golden postbox. It’s showing signs of wear now, but I’m not surprised. I knew that there was one in the Marina area, but I’d never seen it until now.

In 2012, to celebrate the achievements of the athletes in the London Olympic Games every British Gold medal winner in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games had a post box painted gold in their honour. This post box was painted from the traditional red to mark Ellie Simmond’s 200m swimming victory.

At this point I was thoroughly enjoying myself.


A thing

Unfortunately, it was just about here that things took a little turn for the worse. Having picked up the information for the next stage and plotted the coordinates I realised that I was going to have to walk far further than a short bimble around the Marina. It appears that I was heading towards Mumbles!


Looking over to Mumbles

Well, perhaps not all the way to Mumbles…


But, you see that large tower in the distance? That’s roughly where I started. Multi-caches can be so evil! By this point, I’d solved all 3 of the stages and was honing in on the cache container. Whoop! Whoop!


Sore feet

My new sandals hadn’t arrived by the time I left, so I popped these on. My left foot now has slightly less skin than its normal quota, but I’m not complaining. The walk today was worth it. In weather like today (sunny and warm, as opposed to roasting) wandering along beside the beach was so relaxing.

Oh, and I found the cache. 😀
After all of that effort, this is what I found:


a nano

And then I walked home, absolutely delighted with my find.

(You’ve got to be at least a little bit bonkers to be a geocacher)

Marina Multi-Cache Day: A walk to find a geocache
Steps Taken: 13,674
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Juneathon 2017, Day 21 – Gardening counts, doesn’t it?!

No more!
I’m completely fed up with this hot weather!

Like most other people in the country, the recent heat wave has been a bit difficult for me to bear. In my house the temperature has reached 31°C upstairs and is currently sitting at 24°C downstairs. I just want to cry! My legs and feet are so swollen and my head feels as if it’s about to melt. Not to mention the huge lakes of sweat that I’m depositing everywhere.

But I am lucky in that I’ve got one of these:


Large fan

Please note the extra attachment that I’ve added in the last few days: an ice-block. Someone posted something about popping a bottle of water into the freezer and then placing it in front of a fan in order to blow cool air over yourself. It seems to work using this method too. A bit.

Despite the heat I thought that I’d still go for a walk for today’s Juneathon exercise. It’s been reasonable after sunset, with a pleasant breeze. And then I remembered: My sandals broke yesterday.
There are three other pieces of footwear that I own. I own a pair of bright blue crocs, which in no way, shape, or form am I going to be seen dead wearing around town. They’re comfy and great for the garden, but I’m not certain how well they’d hold up on a mile long walk. There are a 2nd pair of sandals, but they are close-fitting at the best of times. And you know I mentioned that my feet were swollen? Well, I think that by the time I’d got to the end of the street I’d probably have rubbed the skin raw. I try my best not to gurn my way around the place unless absolutely necessary – and trust me, this walk today did not seem necessary enough to both tear the skin from my feet and make me look like an angry, sweaty warthog to all and sundry. And the last option? My leather walking boots. No. Just, no. They too are a little tight width-wise and my ballooning feet were not going to be squeezed into them today. No.

But, gardening counts as exercise, especially if you have to get into all sorts of awkward positions to do it, right? Of course it does. And here is the proof that I’m not making up the gardening:


removal of bellbine

I finally got around to weeding the patch of wildflowers that I sowed back in May. They seem to be doing well.
I then watered my plants and pondered upon what this beauty in the corner is going to turn out to be.



What is it?


I consulted the Old Trout on the matter. She was wonderfully wise as usual and said “I don’t know. Have you tried Google?”
I think it’s some sort of currant bush. It would be wonderful if it was. Very reminiscent of my childhood: We used to have a blackcurrant bush and my grandparents had a redcurrant bush. This is a picture of me aged 8 having just “stolen” some berries from our bush.

027 Emma aged 8.5 after stealing berries

I have met my daily step goal.
And I’ve ordered some new sandals. (Thank goodness for next day delivery.)

Gardening counts doesn’t it Day: Gardening
Steps Taken: 4,009
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Juneathon 2017, Day 20 – Estuary Swimming


I’m not getting into that thing!

Last night my calves were really throbbing and I’d decided that today would have to be a non-walking day in order to give them time to recuperate. Compared with most people I haven’t been exercising that much, but it’s been a massive step up from what I’ve been able to do. In the last three or four months my daily step count has more than doubled. And my calves are beginning to tell me to slow down a bit.

I’d hit upon the idea of a weights session. There’s a pair of dumbbells hiding in one of the rooms somewhere that would be great for that. I’d just got to find them… and then a friend messaged me to ask if I fancied heading to Pembrokeshire to do a bit of swimming and sunbathing. Oh yes! A much better plan.


The pontoon

You can’t beat Pembrokeshire for its scenery. There’s such a variety of stunning coastal regions, secluded woodland and it even has its own little patch of rugged moorland. The weather isn’t too bad either.

And so it was that today I found myself swimming merrily in the Cleddau estuary. It was so warm it was quite unbelieveable. I’ve never swum in such warm water in this country. In fact, at one point I was purposefully swimming in a shaded patch in order to find slightly cooler water.


Enter a caption


I think that I probably spent over an hour in total swimming backwards and forwards.

My swimming stroke on these occasions (and on all occasions) is the one you see old women doing in the pool: breaststroke arms with front crawl legs. I’ve never been able to do true breaststroke, which to my mind is the only way you should be swimming in a place like this otherwise you miss out on the sheer beauty of it all. My legs and arms refuse to work in sync. I’m generally a very uncoordinated person. But my swimming style “works”. I seem to head in my intended direction at a reasonable pace. So I’ve never seen the need to try to improve upon it.


Me, swimming

I don’t normally swim in a thermal top. But I knew how long I’d spend in the water, and I thought that this was the best thing I had that would stop my back and shoulders from getting burnt today. It worked.


My sandal!

The only downside of the day was that my sandal broke.

The good part of this is that I was thinking about buying some new sandals anyway. A bit of waterproof glue should shore this one up for occasional use and now I have the excuse to do a bit of shopping.

All in all, a fantastic day. I’ve given my arms a good workout and my calves a bit of a rest. Oh, and I’ve topped up my tan without getting burnt. 😀

Estuary Swimming Day: Swimming.
Steps Taken: 13,015 (It felt more like 6,000-7,000. Unfortunately my swimming strokes were getting counted as steps today.)
Difficulty Level: Easy