Janathon 2017, Day 31 – I survived



I survived Janathon.
Not only that, but I exercised every day in January because of Janathon.

I’d hoped to go for a short run today, but it’s been a sleep day. I’ve slept through from roughly 5pm yesterday to 5pm today and I’m still tired, so I’ve probably still got a few hours of sleep left to complete before I feel okay.
Oh, and it’s raining and blowing a hooley out there!

With only 153 steps racked up by 5pm today I was in a bit of a dither. What on earth was I going to do to meet today’s Janathon exercise goal?
Bed weights: my get-out exercise that isn’t quite getting out of anything. I decided upon 5 x 20 7kg dumbbell arm lifts today, including 2 x 20 straight leg lifts for good measure. I noticed that the 7kg is getting far too easy for me now. Perhaps for Juneathon I’ll be sporting 7.5 kg or 8kg weights. Wait a sec… did I just do what I think I did? Did I mention Juneathon only moments after I’d completed Janathon?!  *rolling eyes*

Oh, and then I felt bad about not even reaching 10% of my step goal for the day, so I plodded back and forth across my living room carpet for a while.

And here’s the bit I’ve been looking forward to for days (other than having a rest tomorrow and not giving a flying fig if I’ve only walked 23 steps or some other ridiculously low number):

My totals for Janathon:

Steps Taken: 150,676 (an average of 4,861 a day)
Minutes Recumbenching: 210
Number of times dumbbell lifted in air: 1,200
Number of leg lifts performed: 160
Minutes working my way to becoming a world class Yogi: 55
And I spent a couple of days wrestling with beds.



Janathon 2017, Day 30 – It’s Day 30!


Today I put my music on at full blast and walked up and down the room until I’d reached my daily step goal.

Today’s music was as follows:
Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love
Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams
Marilyn Manson – You’re so Vain
Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus

Don’t worry, the whole of Mumbles didn’t get blasted out by Marilyn Manson. In fact, I’m sure that my next door neighbours didn’t hear a thing either.

I don’t watch that much TV. Before late last year, I’d never even owned a television. But I do like to listen to stuff as I’m pottering around. Lots of the time it’s to stop the voices harping away inside my head, sometimes to stop me feeling lonely, and often because I just enjoy listening to something. I generally listen to podcasts, Radio 4 and Audiobooks. When I’m out, I generally use my iPod to listen to everything, but indoors I have wireless Sennheiser headphones. The audio isn’t the best quality, but when you normally listen to the spoken word that isn’t a problem. And to tell you the truth, Marilyn Manson’s songs are often so grungy and “muddy” that you don’t notice the poor sound quality much even with the sound turned up to 11. So, that’s how I was enjoying Marilyn Manson today: screeching through my headphones, drowning out all of my thoughts and emotions so that I could just be in the moment and enjoy moving.

And that’s what I did for the penultimate day of Janathon

It’s Day 30! : reached step goal
Steps taken: 4,224
Difficulty Level: Medium

Janathon 2017, Day 29 – No Geocaching



This is why I didn’t get to go geocaching today.
Well, sort of.

This was what I looked like a couple of days ago: Eyes streaming, no way on earth that I could breathe through my nose. In fact, just taking this picture with my mouth closed caused a coughing fit. (See, even this rather unflattering photo is yet another piece of internet fakery.) But you should have seen the Old Trout when she surfaced this morning! Take this photo and multiply it by a hundred. One of her eyes was blood red. And believe me: Old Trouts look rather awful with a single, hideous, piercing red eye. The rest of her didn’t look much better.
I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to put up with her constant moaning if I let her take me caching. So we didn’t go.

Instead, I crashed out in bed – rather hoping that I’d wake up at some point with enough energy to do some form of exercise for this stupid Janathon “exercise every day” nonsense. And strangely enough, I did. I paced up and down the living room until I reached my daily step goal and then just squeezed in 30 minutes of cycling on the recumbent bike before the stroke of midnight.


I even managed to do the whole program at the set difficulty without having to lower any of the resistance levels for the first time. So, I have to concede, yet again, that Janathon is worth the effort.

No Geocaching Day: 30 minutes recumbent cycling
Steps Taken: 3,103
Difficulty Level: Easy

Janathon 2017, Day 28 – Shopping with the Sprats


“Mummy doesn’t let us wear our hats backwards” declared the eldest of the Sprats today.
He seemed worried that Mummy might find out, but at the same time rather excited by the prospect of being able to do something quite so naughty.

Yes, I am a naughty Aunt.

I tried to be my usual informative self: baseball caps aren’t worn backwards except when it’s very sunny and you’re starting to get a sunburnt neck. In Wales we’re more likely to be suffering from rain. Rain isn’t annoying on the back of your neck, but it is when it’s pouring down the front of your face. Baseball caps stop rain from running down your face if you wear them the right way around and are not trying to be a plonker.

These facts may or may not be true. But they appeased the eldest Sprat, especially when I said that for now we were pretending to be Australians because it’s their summer time at the moment.
I do spout a lot of twaddle.


Today’s Janathon exercise was walking whilst dragging these two along. Many steps were taken (far more by them than me). The youngest Sprat told me that I was getting fitter. Until we started to walk back up the hill later in the day, when I think she thought that I was about to die at any moment. I try not to let them know that anything’s wrong, but I think that my gasping gives it away at times. That and the expletives that escape accidentally every now and again.

They’re delightful company. Even when I had to tell them off for running in a shop, I was having more fun than I should have been. So today’s steps were painful, but happy ones.

Shopping with the Sprats Day: Walking around Mumbles
Steps Taken: 6,296
Difficulty Level: Easy

Janathon 2017, Day 27 -Head Cold

When the Old Trout arrived a few days ago from Yorkshire she brought a cold with her. Any other mother would bring along a nice box of chocolates, or perhaps some hand knitted socks. That’s what mothers are meant to do aren’t they? My mother gives me a stonking head cold and some clamps!


As my eyes are streaming and my nose is fully blocked I decided that a bit of relaxing stretching with Adriene was on the cards for today’s exercise for Janathon.

There were a few precarious moments during today’s yoga: I had a coughing fit that stopped the session for five minutes. I miss-did something and trapped my left breast under my collapsed body. That hurt, a lot. Not as much as the time as I got it trapped under a shelf full of baking trays and had to scream for help to get it removed, but a fair bit. Oh, and I tumbled head first into a bin (but that’s okay, because it was empty). But today’s yoga was generally a very enjoyable experience.

Based on a little bit of googling I’ve worked out what to do with my large body during the child’s pose. Apparently you prop yourself up using various soft cushions. And yes, that worked well.
So, thumbs up for today’s session. I felt all sorts of stretching going on.

I haven’t quite reached my daily step goal yet, but after I’ve written this up I’m going to find something to watch on Youtube and walk up and down the living room for a few minutes. So, consider that done too.

I’m really hoping that during the weekend I’ll get to go out and find a couple of geocaches with my niece and nephew. And as a grand finale I’m going to try to do a short run on the 31st. So, watch this space…

Head Cold Day:  30 minutes of easy yoga
Steps Taken: 3,001 (Really. I’m just about to do them)
Difficulty level: Easy

Janathon 2017, Day 26 – EEG


EEG cap

Trust me to never make anything simple.

I’m sitting here at home with EEG gunge still stuck in my hair. My eyes are streaming and my nose is blocked. The Old Trout is snoring away upstairs. I’ve reached and surpassed my daily step goal today, but as to doing anything extra for Janathon: no.

I’ve recently had a couple of seizures. I landed up flailing about like you do and the doctor has sent me to have a few tests including this EEG. During the EEG you have electrodes glued on to your head in order to pick up the electrical signals produced when brain cells send messages to one another. The data from all of the electrodes is collated and analysed by a specialist who determines if they can spot anything unusual going on in your brain, like epilepsy.

I wasn’t nervous about the EEG, but as with all appointments I was anxious to get enough sleep so that I was as mentally stable today as possible. So, it was with annoyance that I was woken up by the daft Old Trout trying to get in to my house 4 hours before the appointment. As far as I was concerned, I’d still got 3 hours left to sleep. As far as she was concerned, I had arranged to meet up with her that morning.
I was so tired! And there she was, in my living room, blabbing away (Because we do get along well really, for all that I might say.) until my carer arrived to pick me up.

The problem started during the EEG. As I said, I wasn’t worried about the procedure. They slapped a cap on my head, attached the electrodes with some gunk and then asked me to close my eyes and keep still.
Oh flipping heck! I had to sit still like that for about 10 minutes. With no distractions.
At first I was okay. But slowly, all of the schizophrenic thoughts started to seep into my mind. And I wasn’t able to distract myself. I tried thinking about my cold, and how lousy I felt. I tried thinking about my next sewing project. but NO. Would my head behave? Pah! All my brain wanted to concentrate on was things that have happened in the past. There’s one statement that I made during a manic phase over a decade ago that two inconsequential people overheard me saying; that came out in full force today. Over, and over, and over again.
I just wanted to rip that cap off my head and run out of the room.

But I didn’t. I was as sensible as I could be. Until they’d finished, and then I lost it completely. And was my carer anywhere to be seen when I fled out of the room? No, because she’d been told that the EEG would last an hour, when in fact it took roughly 20 minutes. So I was stuck in a sterile reception, with my thoughts running full force around my head like a set of bulls on speed. And guess what? I blame the Old Trout for this one: she woke me up and prattled on for hours so that I didn’t have time to sort myself out. I didn’t have anything like a mobile phone to distract me. Or my crochet hook; I’d taken along my yarn, but couldn’t do anything with it.

My carer returned to find me being carefully looked after by a gaggle of nurses who’d discovered me wandering in a very confused state along a corridor somewhere. I’m afraid that I’d just flipped.

So, there you are: that’s my excuse for not doing anything more than was absolutely necessary today.

EEG Day: Wandered to hospital, around hospital and back.
Steps Taken: 4,789
Difficulty level: ???!

Janathon 2017, Day 25 – Pool night

I’ve completed my daily step goal and my Janathon exercise by walking to the pub and back. If it hadn’t have been for Janathon I wouldn’t have bothered as I’m bunged up with a cold. I also couldn’t drink because I’ve got a hospital appointment early tomorrow.

At the moment I hate Janathon. I just want it to be over.
At the same time I realise that I’ve got up and done more exercise because of it.

I think I just hate my life at the moment. There’s really no reason to bother doing anything. I wake up, I feel tired. I try to do something. I just feel exhausted all the time. I know it’s depression hitting me full force in the face. It’s so much worse at this time of year. But there really isn’t any reason for me to be here. (No, I’m not about to try to commit suicide. So don’t worry). I’m no use to anyone and I’m stuck inside this body, this house…  I’m so worthless. I want so much to have a life that means something. But I’m just stuck here alone.

Forgive me, I’m in a bit of a rut.
I’ll try to write something more upbeat tomorrow.

Oh, and I accidentally wore the wrong leggings to the pub. That didn’t help. They were a pair I made a while ago. Forthwith they shall be called “the-leggings-that-fall-down”. After walking roughly 50m I have to keep yanking the flipping things up. Why? Because I accidentally made them with too small a backside. And trust me, that shouldn’t have been an issue because there’s not that much junk in this here trunk. And I tried to fix it by adding extra material. That fabric somehow, inexplicably, got added to the front instead of the back. So, these leggings are a patchwork mess that still fall down.
And why did you need to know that?
1. You didn’t really.
2. I would have walked home the long way today had it not been for my misbehaving legwear.

Pool Night: Walk to pub and back
Steps Taken: 5,087
Difficulty level: medium