Had a aeizurw, juneathon 2018, Day23

Am writing blog. Not well. Had seizure. Going to sleep.

Had good day Geocaching 😎

Steps taken – 6,077


Janathon 2018, Day 11 – Sunny Yorkshire

Today was the start of my holiday up in Yorkshire and it was wall-to-wall sunshine, just like being abroad.

Actually, I’m lying. I’m staying with the Old Trout for a while. It’s certainly Up North and quite close to Yorkshire. But I believe that technically she lives in “Redcar and Cleveland”. But no one knows where that is, so it’s easier to mention Yorkshire and possibly Whitby, make a few pleasant muttering noises and leave it at that.

Oh, and as for wall-to-wall sunshine? No. That there was not. Pea-soup fog was the order for most of the day. 

But I’m not moaning. I’m on holiday and holidays are taken to be enjoyed. And so it was that I found myself at midday scrambling up a muddy bank in order to fix one of the Old Dear’s more annoying geocaches. It’s a long tube tied to a tree. If you fill it with water, up pops a duck, and attached to it the log that you need to sign to claim a find. Well, that’s how It’s supposed to work. Unfortunately geocachers can be a rough lot at times. The pipe had been yanked about and broken. So I clambered up to it today complete with glue, gaffer tape, screwdriver… you name it.

After half an hour I’d succeeded in finding the all of the broken parts. I’d also slid down part of the bank in an ungainly fashion, gaining a covering patina of mud.

Meanwhile, the Old Trout fended off a local farmer who had decided that the fat, muddy woman stuck up a bank in the middle of nowhere was in need of rescuing. Perhaps he would be the gallant knight to do so? Yes, I agree that the prongs on the front of his tractor might enable me to get down. But I didn’t actually want to get down. Well, not before I stuck the pipe back together properly anyway.


Ta da!

It was with relief that after about an hour the cache was sorted and we were able to escape from the lane before the kindly farmer brought a mate to take a gander at the muddy weirdos up the bank.

On second thoughts, there was only one muddy weirdo. The Old Trout stayed remarkably clean, considering.

After that, the world was our oyster. We decided to check on a few more caches. All needed a little TLC, but none came close to the wrangling involved with the pipe.

This was the weather today – we never saw the sun.

This is one of the caches. You have to lay the stones out in a particular order and decrypt what’s written on them in order to find out the coordinates for the final cache.

I think that in total we checked 7 caches today.

And I had a great time.

Unfortunately the scrambling up and down the slope did my knees in and wore me out, so we had to come home early. I didn’t get as many steps in as I’d have liked. 

So I added in 20 press ups to make myself feel better.

 Sunny Yorkshire Day: reached step goal, 20 push ups

Steps Taken: 4,190

Difficulty Level: medium

Janathon 2017, Day 5 – Dancercise!


I could not get going today.
Every time I awoke, my head started having a go at me and I decided that heading back to sleep was a better option.

So, it took until roughly 8pm before I finally emerged from bed and I still felt really ill mentally. With just over 500 steps clocked for the day at that point I couldn’t see any exercise being completed, let alone getting out of the house for some fresh air.

But, first things first: I had to put the bins out. That required a fair bit of mental effort (and a phone call to the Old Trout, who as always helped no end by guiding me through every step. Although as she lives 300 miles away and hasn’t really got a clue what I’m doing on the other end of the phone, those steps can often be a little misplaced.) But, once that was done I realised that I’d technically got out of the house for the 5th day in a row.

And I gradually started to feel better. By 10pm I’d decided to do some dancercise. 1 song perhaps if I could manage it.
I actually managed a whole 20 minutes! My body now feels similar to what I’d imagine a sore, sloppy jellyfish to feel like, but one with a huge smile on its face. (yes, I know, that analogy crumbled a bit at the end, but I’m a Janathoner, not a writer 😉 )

Dancercise day: 20 minutes of dancing (flailing about) to Linkin Park
Steps Taken: 4,224
Difficulty Level: Medium

Dog Rose

Juneathon 2015, Day 17 – Walking and Swimming

You may have gathered by now that walking any sort of distance is quite hard for me. What you may not have gathered, is that I loathe shopping. I’ve never particularly enjoyed the activity, but now that I’m unable to stand for very long, or walk very fast, I hate it.
One thing I really can’t understand is why people seem so unable to see the 23 stone woman with a stick hobbling towards them. Am I really invisible? Or have they not grasped the fundamental nature of physics that dictates that if there is a solid 23 stone object in front of you, the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to walk straight through it?!
(And no, I don’t intentionally get in peoples’ way.) (well, not often.)

Where was I?
Oh, yes: We had to go food shopping. So I walked miserably around a massive Tescos.

And then the old Trout cheered me up by saying that we could go geocaching.

A few “cache and dashes” later (geocaches that are close to the road) and the exercise for Day 17 of Juneathon was nearly complete. But as I said yesterday: if there be water, there do be a fair chance of me jumping in. So, after a short spell of sunbathing I was back in the lagoon. This time I swam “the bridge loop”.

The Bridge loop

The Bridge Loop

Walking and Swimming Day: Tescos, Geocaching, The bridge loop – 350m
Total Steps Taken: 7,177
Difficulty level: intermediate

Juneathon 2015, Day 16 – Swimming

Today I saw a kingfisher!
It was amazing.

I’ve been to this particular campsite several times and it is truly stunning. It borders on the tidal estuary of the Cleddau in Pembrokeshire. And apart from the 4 separate camping fields overlooking the water as it ebbs and flows, the campsite is set in 23 acres of ancient quarries, little meadows, patches of woodland and my favourite: two saltwater lagoons.

When I first came I was very unsure about swimming in the murky water. But it’s always so warm. And I’m a water baby at heart: I can’t help but want to swim in every patch of water I come across. Oh, and there’s the fact that at the moment my body stops aching when it’s in the water.

So the activity for Day 16 of Juneathon was swimming.

Tything Barn swimming

An aerial view of the campsite showing today’s swims

I swam one loop and back in the lagoon and then later, as the tide was in, I went for a dip in the estuary. I would have swum for a little longer, but two swans started to make their way slowly towards me. I really didn’t want to have a fight with swans. So I made a hasty retreat.

If all exercising was as pleasant as today’s then no one would ever go a day without exercising.

Swimming Day: 1 loop and back of lagoon – 500m, Laps on estuary – 200m
Total Steps taken: 4,756
Difficulty level: intermediate

Outwell Birdland 4E

Juneathon 2015, Day 15 – Tent Erection

(Written on 22nd June)

No, I have not given up with Juneathon. I’ve just been hampered by the fact that I jetted off camping with my mother to deepest darkest Pembrokeshire where the mobile phone signal is intermittent and the chance to add lovely, pretty photos to a blog would be impossible. And I rather like adding photos to my Juneathon entries (pretty, or otherwise).
So, I decided to jot down rough notes of the day’s Juneathon activities and write them up upon my return.

Here goes:

Day 15‘s Juneathon activity was to erect the tent on the campsite.

I’m quite used to putting up tents. Mum and I reckon it’s a toss up between the number of nights I’ve spent in tents and the number of hot dinners I’ve had. Like I say: I’m used to putting up tents.

I’ve owned 8 different tents in my life. But all of them, except this, have been lightweight backpacking tents. This massive thing was bought through necessity, because I need far more room now to manoeuvere and to actually get up from the ground.

I’ve camped in it once before, but my lovely sister put it up for me because I really couldn’t have managed it at that stage.

So… I was ecstatic when I actually managed to get it all pegged up and ready for the week’s camping session.

(I did probably look very strange as a lot of rolling & crawling was involved to stop any overuse of my knees.)

Tent Erection Day: 1 hour of tent erection, difficulty level: very hard
Total Steps taken: 7,562

Juneathon 2015, Day 14 – A non Juneathon Day



Well: this was a completely exercise free day.

I was chauffeured the 300 miles from near Whitby in North Yorkshire, back home to Swansea in south Wales and didn’t do anything. We hopped out in the West Midlands do do some geocaching. But the only thing I managed to do then was discover that I’d left my stick at mum’s. So I didn’t even manage to hang over crash barriers and get stung by stinging nettles: mum had to do it all for me.

The most interesting thing that occured was that the 4 minivans carrying items for “Mrs Brown’s Boys” passed us at quite a pace whilst we were trundling through Yorkshire.
And then the same 4 vans hurtled past us when we neared Cardiff.

A non Juneathon Day:  😦
Total steps taken: 2,045