Had a aeizurw, juneathon 2018, Day23

Am writing blog. Not well. Had seizure. Going to sleep.

Had good day Geocaching 😎

Steps taken – 6,077


Bush whacking – Juneathon 2018, Day 22

Today we were pooped.

The last couple of days have worn us out. I think both the Old Trout and I would have much rather stayed at the campsite today. But it was very sunny and the tent was like a furnace.

Instead we went out to find more geocaches. Again in this random area of Dorset that we are staying in. Both of us were too tired to plan anything. And that turned out to be a slight downfall. We turned up at a church where there was meant to be a cache hidden, only to find a wedding in full swing. Another attempt found us staring at an 800 year old tree. The tree was amazing. Not quite so great was the elderly gentleman who greated us from the cottage opposite. We were given a history lesson dating from William the Conquerer. This was not what either of us needed today. But we do now know how many times the tree has been hit by a lorry (twice) and how many times the tree’s plaque has been stolen (also twice) amongst other pieces of trivia. Although I can’t remember why he went into a 5 minute ramble about bread ovens.

I decided it was time to make our excuses to leave when my mother started wobbling slightly. This may have been a cunning ruse on her part to make me move us out of the way. But it’s more likely that her legs were about to give way. She really is an old crock.

We scarpered without even looking for the cache.

And so the day went on: badly.

The hedges around here have lots of nettles, and brambles.

And when we found a cache it was generally after bush whacking through 6ft high, stinging vegetation. I warned her not to wear shorts! She never listens to me.

(that’s a picture of me wearing shorts. I generally don’t bother listening to myself either.).

Here’s a photo of the Old Trout in some more green stuff, this time in desperate need of tweezers to extract a log that was jammed into a container.

And that was half of today’s exercise for Juneathon.

The rest was spent walking/crawling/and peering in circles around this bench. I did press ups, I did a few squats; quite a few different stretches. My body was warmed up by the time I got stuck between two of the planks. I don’t know why, but ‘gaps’ don’t seem to be as large as they used to be. I never had a problem getting through gaps when I was smaller. Luckily, after a small panic I wriggled free. We gave up looking for the cache after that.

And then we returned back to the tent. No longer pooped, but absolutely shattered.

Oh, and mum acquired her first tick. I’m sure she must have had one before. I’ve had loads over the years. But that’s what happens when you insist on wearing shorts.

Day 22 – reached daily step goal

Steps taken – 6,364

A figure of 8 – Juneathon 2018, Day 21

Today the Old Trout and I walked around a field.

It was a large field, full of hidden geocaches.

The first cache I found was a haven for slugs. I only found this out by sticking my hand into the crook of a tree and grabbing the slimy things.

Don’t ask me where this field was. I have no idea. Somewhere in Dorset I’d imagine, as we hadn’t driven far from our campsite.

It satisfied our criteria for the day. It was a level walk with gravel paths. Ideal for my partner in crime. And of course it had caches.

We were intending to try a circular route. But that turned into a figure of eight as we figured out how to avoid the tractor driver, who was busy making hay whilst the sun shone.

We had a jolly good day. We found all of the little hidden containers, talked to several dog walkers about the lovely weather and moaned happily by the end of the day about our respective aching parts.

I, as usual, took lots of photos. This is of a former kissing gate that I took whilst lying upside down. The old Trout was busy rootling around a nearby tree.

This is taken moments later, when I decided that she should stop looking at interesting trees and head into the brambles to where the cache was. That’s because she’s the one wearing the trousers, and has the big stick.

Here she is, sitting in front of another telegraph post, which had another cache at the bottom. But she went on sit down strike at this point. Doesn’t she look small compared to that hay bale?

I did wonder if we were going to be stuck wandering around that field forever. The darkness would fall and we’d still be trying to make our way back to the car…

Thankfully my map reading skills are good and it was just a large field, not a mountain range.

I decided that we’d find one more cache for the day.

It was at a post box somewhere. Probably, again in Dorset. I learnt something at this post box/phone box duo: some of the Dorset folk get pretty irate if you lie down on the grass near their red things.

I was trying to get this picture of the buttercup in front of the phone box. But apparently I looked as if I was floundering and in desperate need of assistance. Perhaps the poor chap thought that I’d been run down by the Old Trout, who was waiting patiently in the car nearby. Whatever his thoughts… I could tell that he was unamused by me being perfectly fine. His unuttered curses hung heavily in the air until he motored off and left me to my own devices again.

Oh, and we saw dragonflies. A whole shoal (yep, that’s bound to be the right collective noun) of electric blue ones.

’twas a good day

Day 21 – went for a lovely walk

Steps Taken – 10,309

Green Lane wander – Juneathon 2018, Day 20

It’s a wonder that the Old Trout didn’t leave me at the campsite this morning. I was in such a foul mood. It took virtually two hours for me to calm down and get into the right frame of mind for what eventually turned into a nice day out.

We drove about vaguely for a while, trying to get the lay of the land. And to spot a reasonable geocache to aim for. Reasonable in that it wasn’t stuck 20 foot up a tree, or down a well, or anything which required more than a minimal amount of effort to find.

In the end it wasn’t 1 decent cache we went in search of, but 4. They were all placed along this lovely green lane that was perfect for mum’s walking ability, as it was as flat as a pancake. She loves walking as much as I do. Exploring nooks and crannies like this. I’m glad we were able to find this walk today.

We saw no one as we wandered along. But it wasn’t exactly peaceful. At times, shouting at the top of our voices was the only way to be heard. Somehow we had decided to walk along the edge of a working gravel pit.

But I saw my first dragonfly of the year and 3 magnificent red and black butterflies. It was worth the shouting (which I’d been doing earlier anyway)

I don’t know how far we walked. But we visited 4 geocaches in a straight line and then returned back to the car. The rule is that these little boxes can’t be placed closer than 0.1 miles (161m) from one another. So my guess would be that we walked roughly 1 mile.

After the green lane walk of lovely caches by Dizzy pair we drove on to find a couple of Church Micros before giving up for the day.

In Geocaching we all have our pseudonyms. I’d done a little homework before visiting the area and already knew that caches by Dizzy Pair were ones to look out for.

If you don’t cache you might be under the impression that a plastic box hidden in the woods is the same as every other plastic box hidden in the woods. But some can be horrible, dirty things that you’ve bush whacked through 6 foot tall brambles to get to. These were clean, full of swag and exactly where you’d expect them to be: somewhere nice. So thumbs up to Dizzy pair.

In the earlier days of caching a geocacher called sad exploration started up the British Church Micro series. Anyone can place a cache in the series and they are all near churches. That means that you can trip over some really lovely buildings by going in search of these caches.

Today I spotted a church mounted sundial for the first time.

And that’s it. Having worn the Old Trout out completely, we are now back in bed in the tent.

Day 20 – 1 mile walk

Steps taken – 8,183

Literally metaphorical – Juneathon 2018, Day 19

Apparently, when the Old Trout said that she’d need a couple of days to recuperate she wasn’t being metaphorical.

Normally I’m the one who is accused of taking things too literally. I didn’t expect to be stuck at the campsite today. But I have cajoled her into giving up tomorrow’s rest day.

Today’s exercise came in the form of walking back and forth from the toilet block for the day’s necessities. I somehow reached my daily step goal doing just that.

But I felt I needed to amp it up a bit more today (and truth be told, I was a bit bored) so I went in search of a peaceful corner of the campsite.

Between this pretty, little maple and a buddlea, I crouched down to do 20 press ups. I was metaphorically keeping everything crossed that nobody happened upon me. As normal, I was doing a very abnormal thing. This time, in a shady corner of a campsite.

And then we lay outside in the sunshine moaning about how we couldn’t see the screen on the Old Trout’s laptop. Honestly, it made planning tomorrow’s outing (that my holiday partner doesn’t even want to do) even more taxing. You’d have hated it. Really 😉

Day 19 – Reached daily step goal, 20 kneeling press ups

Step count – 4,879

Back again – Juneathon 2018, Day 18

Some of you might have realised that I haven’t posted for the last couple of days. Naughty, I know. But I’ve not been slacking, I’ve been packing. Packing and stressing about packing. Add to that, the fact that the sprats decided that they really wanted to spend some time with their Mamgu before she disappeared again… Well, let’s say that things got extremely frazzled in my little house. I couldn’t fit anything more into this tiny little mind of mine.

Even at 11pm last night, it was uncertain if we’d be ready to set off today.

But, we’re here, at the campsite in Dorset. And we’ve started our summer hols! It took one final midnight bout of packing (and trying not to panic) from me. Mum took over this morning and when I awoke she’d packed the car. Talk about teamwork.

We’re both lying in our beds in our tent, utterly pooped. I haven’t reached the relaxed stage yet. I’m still too wound up. But a couple of days of watching the Old Trout floundering about on a soggy airbed should do the trick. She looks like an aged and wisened turtle wobbling about on its shell! Trying not to laugh is going to be very difficult.

She knows I love her. She also knows that I’ve been in her situation and am never laughing maliciously. Hopefully she’ll even get a bit of a workout by rolling about on the floor.

My workout today was erecting the tent and getting everything out of the car. It took an entire hour. I was so impressed at how easy it was to erect the tent. Well, it was until my back and my knees gave out. But that shows that it’s worth counting as today’s exercise.

There she is, lounging around, waiting for me to finish putting the tent up.

And, because this is a Geocaching holiday, I insisted on finding a Geocache today. The one we happened upon quite by chance was located in one of the old red telephone boxes that’s now being maintained as a lending library.

This one contained a fake book that was a Geocaching container. A very enjoyable cache to start our holiday off with.

And that’s it. We travelled 140 miles, I did some shopping in Morrisons and now we’re here. Not much more to say. Especially as I’m falling off to sleep whilst writing.

Nôs da

Day 18 – Erecting tent

Steps Taken – 8,114

A little bit of pootling – Juneathon 2018, Day 15

I was feeling a bit better today, so pootled around the house. My main mission was to remove the clutter that has built up over the past few days whilst I’ve been unwell. I find it remarkable how I can somehow make every room untidy in a matter of a few short days, whilst I’ve been doing absolutely nothing.

Oh, and I had to make room for The Old Trout to fit in somewhere. I realised rather belatedly today that she seemed to be making a beeline for my house. I have lost a day somewhere. I thought I’d another 24 hours left to make things spick and span for her.

I don’t envy my mum. She is heading down to my house in South Wales so that we can jet off to Dorset for a holiday together. The distance from her home in Yorkshire to mine is roughly 300 miles. Except… the silly woman can never do things simply. Oh no. Instead, she has travelled to mine via her mum’s house in Sudbury, Suffolk. The Old Trout has been lounging at Gran’s for the last few days.
You really might start to feel sorry for her when I tell you that a few years ago she was doing the following round trip: Sudbury to see my grandparents, South Wales for my sister and then Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland to see me. But don’t feel sorry for her. I blame the old biddy for bringing up two stubborn girls, who decided to well and truly fly the nest when they were old enough.

All of the pootling resulted in doubling my daily step goal. I also managed to make enough room for her bags. Perhaps not quite enough room for her the woman herself. But we’re jetting off in a couple of days. She’ll just have to squidge in for the moment.

2018 06 African Flower blanket

As I haven’t really done anything to take a photo of today and you certainly don’t want a picture of the Old Trout, here is how far I’ve got with my African Flower blanket. In previous blogs I’ve posted photos of partial motifs or a couple of flowers crocheted together. But I wanted to prove to you that they weren’t just the same small bits of crochet, just photographed from different angles.
It really is beginning to look like a blanket. Currently it measures 16 x 12 hexagons. But my aim is to add another 4 rows to the side to make it square. And then it will be large enough to cover a double bed.

It has taken over a year to get this far. Each motif takes roughly two hours to crochet, weave in the ends, crochet into place and then weave in those ends. I’m not sure how many skeins of yarn it’s taken, and how much it’s cost me to make. And erm… I’ll admit it now: I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. Essentially it’s doing the job I intended it to do: it’s busywork. When I’m on the bus it gives me something to do. When I’m waiting for an appointment it calms my nerves. When I’m mentally unwell enough to do anything else, I can pick up my crochet and feel that if I at least get a flower finished then I have done something for the day. So perhaps it doesn’t need to have another purpose. It’s just what it is.

I warn you now. There will probably be a dearth of anything resembling an exercise blog for the next couple of days. I will be packing. And packing and I don’t mix. I get far too stressed and unwell. Sanity unravels when I’m trying to pack. The last thing I will be able to do is head outside for some exercise.
But perhaps this time will be better. The last time I tried packing for a holiday I could hardly move. That does tend to hamper things somewhat.
*Fingers crossed* that this time it will go smoothly.

Day 15 – Doubled daily step goal
Steps taken – 7,215