Juneathon 2017, Day 27 – Brangwyn


One of the Brangwyn Hall doors

Today was a bust.
By 10:30pm I’d not even reached 1,000 steps.

But I had forced myself to find my dumbbells and do some bed weights: lifting 7kg up and down whilst lying in bed. I haven’t done it for a while simply because I didn’t know where the dumbbells were. I may have moved over 3 months ago, but I’m still not unpacked. It took a bit of rummaging around and careful lifting of various boxes, but I finally found them nestling in the bottom of one of my still unfilled bookcases behind a wall of boxes.
It was worth humping the weight up and down. My left shoulder was quite tense at the start, but by the end was nicely at ease. And I could feel the burn at the end of the 200 repetitions. As always though, the pumping of iron had pumped my blood around more effectively than normal and my feet were on fire. Cue a quick, cold foot bath.

Having gone for a nap, I felt refreshed enough at 10:30 to go for a quick wander around the block to raise my step count to my minimum goal of 3,000 steps.
I made it to the Brangwyn Hall. It was built in 1934 and subsequently used as the council offices for Swansea for many years. The building is one I frequently walk past, being along the shortest path between my house and the sea. With its ornate screen doors, bright Portland stone facade and simple but sharp lines, it is an impressive and beautiful building.


Brangwyn Hall


The Brangwyn Hall clock tower

I reached my step goal just as I stopped taking photos.

Time for bed. And hopefully a more productive day tomorrow.
Nôs Da

Brangwyn Day: Quick walk to Brangwyn Hall and back, 5 x 20 dumbbell lifts
Steps Taken: 4,436
Difficulty Level: Moderate